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In Loving Memory

As I began on a new journey in my life, I cannot forget the people that have played a beneficial part in my life.  First, I would like to focus on the woman that created my mother, Anna Louise Harris. 

My grandmother was the kindest woman that I have ever met, she loved without judgement, and she gave her heart without will. 


If time would have allowed, I know she would be in this room.  As she would say, "I will dance at your wedding." Well Grams I am dancing for you. Thank You for giving me parts of your heart.

I would like to focus on the other people that could not be here, my Uncle Rocky Johnson, Aunts Viola Harris, Betty Miller and my cousins, Carlos Alford, Elijah Johnson, Myron Buchanan and the lovely Jackie Williams. 


Every day when the sunsets I am reminded how beautiful life is, how short time is and how love is constant.  My heart misses you; one of the many things I have learned from each and every one of you is "Strength". I love you.

Next, I would like to focus on my Mother-in-Law, Cheryl Goldsby, whom I will never get the pleasure of knowing physically. I know her spirit lives in my wife's hellos, her smile and in her laugh. 


I have the pleasure of knowing her through stories and photographs.  I know she drives my wife to excel in her DV advocacy.  With her will I have carried parts of her in my heart, my imagination does not do any justice on the person that she is/was.  If I could ever have the chance to meet you, I would simply tell you "Thank You" for raising my heart on Marshall Street.

In conclusion, although none of you are here physically, you exist in the parts of my heart and mind that will never die.

I humbly welcome my new family into my life as matriarchs of wisdom; I look forward to learning and growing with you all.

Love Always.... Dan & Renee

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